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DNS Servers in Malaysia and Overseas

Every now and then, I would tinker with my router modem and network adapters. In most cases DHCP would be fine. But some of the legacy devices like my very old HP Laser Jet 5000 series printer as well as our re-cond all-in-on Ricoh photocopier machine (although fairly new, but uses some very old network communication protocols) worked better with a fixed network IP protocol.

For small office like mine, manually configuring each PC to a fixed IP was not such a big issue. However when setting the Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4 from DHCP to manual settings, the "obtain DNS servers address automatically" sections gets grayed out.

So I would need to key in the DNS servers manually in order for internet connection to work. Scrounging around the internet, I managed to gather all the local DNS Servers as well as some international ones too! I set up this list because I can't remember the DNS server address, so this post was made as sort of a note for me for quick access!

Since Malaysia has decided to block local users access to some overseas site, it would be best to use the overseas DNS Servers for complete unrestricted access bypassing whatever blocking the Malaysia government was attempting.

Of course in an office environment you may still want to use back the local DNS servers and make use of the block set up by the government to help enforce some company policy about internet access. But by and large if you do not have such requirement or you could be home user, then by all means, use the overseas DNS servers.


TmNet / Unfi / Streamyx DNS servers

Jaring DNS servers

TimeNet DNS servers

Open DNS Servers (overseas) Public

Norton DNS Servers (Overseas) Public

Google DNS Servers (Overseas) Public

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