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Google Panda update info graphic and Google Venice update

Happen to bump into this Google Panda update info graphic which gives a good quick overview of what this update is all about. And yes, this update is a real website traffic killer and it won't care whether your site is an authoritative site or not as long as your web site contain negative points that shows up in the Google Panda algorithm, you will be whacked!

So far I have tried to clean up whatever I can, but I have not seen any re-bounce to the website traffic that I had earlier. Perhaps my site still contained a lot of negative points which are deemed less useful and thus not worthy of inclusion into the better ranking on the search term.

On the other hand some sites owners seemed to have good inkling as to what Google wants and has managed to take steps to rectify their site and get better results. But with so many tweaking done by Google, chances are it is a long uphill climb to the former higher traffic for most of us hit hard by changes. I guess there are many points to fixing the Google Panda update penalty.

Google Panda update info graphic

Google Venice Update

Recently I found out in the SEO circles that there was a rather quiet Google Venice update which was to boost up local search. Hmmm... I hope by what they do that would help my travel site search ranking as its target traffic is 80% local. I think it would still not help to bolster and improve my travel site traffic from the unfortunate big drop from the Google Panda update. This Venice update just happened recently with the first release in January and the second tweak in February.

So far nothing happen much on my web site traffic and they still looked as down as ever. There are some changes that you will need to do to "tell" the algorithm that your site is worthy to have better ranking in the local search such local address and telephone contacts. Well I guess I will just have to add those details though I would like to have some privacy. Perhaps using some third party business service like MBE Mailbox ETC or virtual office telephone and address would afford me some privacy but would increase my expenditure.

Looking at the earnings it is probably worth to do it since I have other uses for it too.

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