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Back to Work after so Many Holidays

It is back to work as usual after a string of public holidays in succession. Not just for the day job but also for my various websites. It is indeed very difficult to move to high gear having slowed down for awhile. This was not to say I took leaved, I still went to work, but the mood was not there to push for more sales. Besides the wretching cough and sniffling flu made it difficult. I'm still trying to recover from it, in fact it became worst the last few days with me losing my voice! Argh!

No choice now but to see the doctor again for a course of antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory medicine. According to doctor, if the flu and cough persisted for so long, it is no longer a product of virus as that would usually clear after a week or so. Most likely it would be suspected bacterial infection. Since it has cause inflammation, some anti-inflammatory medicine should help ease the transition for full recovery. Well I hope so, I have tried many traditional remedy and it didn't help, so looks like it was back to Western medicine.

This year, work would be a new challenge both for my day job and part-time. Since my pay is mostly stagnated and the cost of high inflation (no thanks to the current Government who is more interested on their own agenda than the rakyat) has pushed up the cost of living, supplemental income would become more important. No thanks to Google 2011 Panda Update and many other Google algorithm tweaks, my various website traffic has been reduced significantly.

Still haven't got time to implement the R&P tactics for income generation, but the Google Panda update may have caused the tactic to become less effective. Still there are some gems in there for my other online strategy which may still prove its worth. So far the SBI method of creating authoritative website is still the best policy for creating online income, however it is not always possible to get sufficiently just from one site. So a few more other site with different theme should help, but so far have not found any good niches although there are potential. Just need to find the time! However, I was also thinking it would be good to use my own website to generate lead for my day job so here's to a new project. It still may not help me get a raise, but if the traffic volume is good, I may still yet get back my ROI via adsense. Time and effort will tell.

And time is really precious, time with a active and curious son who needs lots of attention. Baby still needs lots of teaching so hopefully he would be able to express himself with words rather than with sign language and meaningless vocal cues. Although my wife and I had supportive parents to help out, there are still so many things to do! No thanks to bad maids that steal things and runaway causing not only monetary loss, but also time loss and emotional trauma. It also cause us to lose our very good week end maid, because no matter how we enticed her to return, she could not. She was the best weekend maid ever, but our very bad full-time maid venture not just cost us time and money, but other goodwill as well. My wife still hoped for a maid, but I reminded her they are more trouble than they are of help and I have friends and family attesting to that.

I'm in the process of replacing the stolen PC gadgets and equipment well not all need replacing as most were very old, but the netbook and backpack was still new and their loss meant I will need a replacement for on-the-road work and connectivity. Now aiming at Android tablets but they are more costlier and serves different function compared with a Windows' based netbook. No hurry, so looking around and see which models would be the best fit.

Meanwhile I need to lick this terrible persistent cough and long lasting flu which is really hampering my ability to work and run around doing day to day items. With the horrible hot weather around, it would take awhile. Well I caught from the super heatwave earlier in the year. Though there some showers recently after CNY which helped to ease off the hot weather. Such hot weather has caused many people to take ill and suffer this flu and cough. Let's hope the medicine will do its job.

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