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Rank and Pillage - giving this monetizing a try

I have been online for many years now and not making very big headway, so giving this Rank and Pillage program a try. I know there are many internet marketers selling this and that about making money online, and most of the time they are just plain rubbish. I even sat in one of those internet marketing summit seminar and what I get out from it is mostly hype and no substance. They just want to sell you their program and make money out from you.

So how I end up signing up with this Rank and Pillage program? Well the sales copy look sincere enough, and one of the backers own the free website hosting called Blinkweb which I gave it a try. So it seems there is some possibility of workability in their system. Plus I didn't have to pay all upfront first for their program, just USD5 then a week later if I feel their program is ok, can pay the balance of USD72.

And so far running through the PDF file and some of their videos (the videos a bit difficult to run through with the crappy streamyx broadband, but still manage to watch some of it with all the stop and go... sigh!), the ideas seemed sound enough.

I probably not try their adsense monetizing model just yet since I'm already having some returns from this method. What I would like to try is the the ClickBank, Commission Junction and Amazon monetizing model. The way Aidan Booth talked about it, he sure could set up a site real quick, but I think given the time required for research and writing up the site, it will probably take me four times longer to set up the site than the time he takes to set it up.

Well, I'm rather deliberate in my decision making, I need to make sure my finite resources are well spend and that there should be some returns in whatever I do. And like all business venture, they all have risk of failure. But I have to thank God that my first online foray did provide enough returns to give me further incentive to try more. After that first success, other returns seemed to elude me.

So just have to give this another go. Never figured out how to do the affiliate selling properly, so hopefully this Rank and Pillage guide will help out and hopefully reap in some good rewards.

And as usual, this kind of venture will have to be done on my own since I don't get very good family support for all this online venture. They still think that a day job is still the secure way to earn an income. So far this seem to be true. But if I try hard enough, I may yet escape the humdrum existence of a salary man on a dead end job. So like many internet marketers, there's got to be better way to earn an income without banging your head on the desk!

The Rank and Pillage system although they state there it is for newbie, some of the process of website creation, SEO, domain and web hosting and Wordpress script installation is actually rather advance for most greenhorns and they are going to get real blur trying to start off this program.

While signing up, there was an option to provide mentoring services at a whopping USD247! You can chip it down to USD147 by declining at first and a second offer will pop up. I decided I don't need it. I should be well verse enough to run through the program just by going through the Rank and Pillage guide. Still it will take massive action and some good decision making to get it going.

So we will see if this Rank and Pillage monetizing system will get me ahead. I don't have much time before the week is up and will have to decide whether the program is for me or not. But then again, the maxim of "fortune comes to those who dare" comes to mind. Risk nothing, gain nothing. Risk something, and you may yet reap the rewards. Where other people cover in fear, the risk takers take the bold courage to forge ahead and do something about it.

So wish me luck! Going to need it!

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