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Digital Pen Livescribe 2GB Echo now at MYR399

Prices are coming down, the digital pen Livescribe 2GB Echo model has drop to MYR399. Ouch! If I have known I would have waited instead. I bought my 2GB Pulse model some 3 months back.

So what's the difference?

The new Echo model has new features, it is more ergonomic and rubber grip. That should help ease my aching hand from prolong usage.

And it uses a cable rather than a dongle, so you can use it like a mosue while connected to your PC.
And they not round like a cylinder so it won't roll off your table.

These are little extras. Initially they were marketing it for MYR699. That price too steep lah. Now at MYR399 then more reasonable. If between Pulse vs Echo at same price, then Echo is the better choice.
Well, too late now. Will just have to make do with my Livescribe 2GB Pulse digital pen instead of the improve 2GB Echo version

My review of Livescribe 2GB Pulse model
Big'Ant Malaysia / K-One Technology, distributor of LiveScribe has closed shop

[update 6/Feb/2012]

LiveScribe Sky Wifi Smartpen

Oh, wow! Another new product from LiveScribe: the Sky Wifi Smartpen. This time round, no need to use a cable to sync your note writings and audio recordings.

And with the Evernote tie up and a WIFI connection, all your notes and recordings just get backed up automatically to Evernote.

Concept is intriguing. For me, I still need to fully utilized my digital smartpen first. Otherwise just end up as a white elephant! Digital pens are more of a niche usage for me. So far I'm still sticking back to my good old normal pen and paper, and using my Livescribe pen for more fanciful stuff.

But with the local Malaysia livescribe distributor Big Ant / K-One Technology going bust, I need to find another source of supply. Ordering stationery replacement via Amazon would just be too expensive for me.

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