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Busy December

Holiday season and holiday mood but this December is really busy! In some aspect some industry is picking up and yet others are in the doldrum.

My websites are doing remarkably well and hope it will grow even further. Meanwhile I'm catching some small jobs here and there for some Christmas and New Year bonus! All praises to God! Not too bad for a year end busyness. Hmm is that word correct?

Haha, will have to look it up in the dictionary!

Meanwhile baby is growing up fine. He can sit, rolling all over, and when he is on the baby walker, boy, can he really move!

And for now, just enjoying the season finale of History Channel Top Shot. The shooting challenges were tough, but there can only be one! Spoiler! Don't read on if have watch the season final yet. Iain Harrison got the title of Top Shot and the 100,000 price money! Close fight with Chris Cerino!

Ah, time to sleep and get some rest!

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