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wedding dinner in mentakab

Eivenn has grown and now wedding bells are ringing. Many years ago Lena's mom was baby sitting her in Mentakab town. Now she's all grown up and getting married. Our journey was quick traveling from KL to Mentakab using the new east-west highway and exiting at the Termeloh toll. Took us about 1-1/2 hours which was faster than those days when I use to come here using the old Karak trunk road highway. The double lane of the new highway plus a speedy limit of 110 kph was so much better than the Karak road which requires lots of patience overtaking slow trunks and slow small town cars.

One thing about wedding dinner in small town they tend to start early unlike big city like KL. So I hope to get off early as we still needed to visit a relative and later make the long drive back to KL.

Another thing about small town wedding dinner, they really love Karaoke! It's noisy and boisterous but I guess it enhances the celebration mood! Though it is rather grating the ears especially the choice of songs are like Hokkien oldies which I don't understand a word and not too much of my style either.

Anyway, it is a time for celebration and a chance for Lena's parent meet up with old friends and aquantances.

So congratulations to Zai and Eivenn and hope you have many happy returns on your wedding day!

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