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Fight Masters NatGeo Marathon Fest

Enjoying an afternoon relaxation with a marathon fest of NatGeo Fight Masters where they explore diverse topics on the science behind the martial arts, self defence and special forces conditioning.

Gave a very interesting insights about body conditioning, strength and weaknesses of the human body.

Of particular interest to me was the self-defence for the average joe like us when faced with a threat like road rage, violent mugging and potential rapist and murderers.

Watching through the episode reminds me of some my past experience, close calls of potential violent encounters. But thank God for protection I didn't have to go blow to blow though for my younger brother case was different case though and many a times after a confrontation he ended up on the bad end of a fight.

One thing about learning self defence is that you hope you never have to use it and if a bad situation arises you should diffuse the situation or run.

Better if the bad person take your belongings than having yourself hurt, injured or worse, maimed or dead. Although it does leave you in a bad mood but at least you survived.

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