Running under the weather

Need to do my weekly exercise but the weather here today was not coorperating. It stopped then started again. And while I was making run around the park it began to drizzle heavier. 15 minutes into my run I have to give up my exercise routine as I was beginning to get soaked. Well better than nothing.

Pivot Blog

One thing about script list in the webhosting software section, they have a list of interesting software for content management, blogs, forums, online calendars, and other interesting software. Some of which you never think about searching online for it. So I happen to bump into this Pivot blogging software that don't even use SQL database management! Intriguing. Will install it and have a look see. Of course my ultimate blogging script is still Wordpress, but there are a lot of CMS cum blogging script software out there to experiment with.

In case you choose something not so well known, do note that some project actually died! So don't choose a less well known project for your main or major blog website. Because when it loses support, you won't get the needed updates especially to clog up any vulnerabilities against pesky hackers attempting to break into your website and deface your contents!

Making website

I guess for newbie when making website may be difficult to grasp certain concept. But if got soem guidance better than none. I may not be expert but having maintain one for 5 years and several others for many years there is indeed a lot of things to learn. Mind you, you can't just learn them overnight. It takes time to understand why some ways are better than others.

The most basic concept that I learned was from the SBI system. Using the long time tested C-P-T-M idea it has nevered failed and works just as well on a non-SBI hosted website. Although it may missed some amout of automation process I still get interesting results.

So learn the SBI system for making website. It sure works and gets good returns!

Weekly family dinner

It is good to have this weekly family dinner to have this family closeness. If one were to follow the empty nest syndrome then all family relation would be lost. Even though parents and sons / daughter may not be living together (for good reasons too like avoiding the usual parental nags) a weekly family gathering is good for fostering good family ties.

Seniors need something to look forward apart from having a grand child you know the usual "when you will have a children to pass on the mantle" thingy.

so a weekly family gathering is something good to look forward.

Assembling the baby cot

Assembling the baby cot is sure ain't easy. Dismantling it was quite a jiffy. But putting it back together single handedly is really tedious.

My brother-in-law has no more need of the baby cot and we could use a hand me down to save some money. At about RM600 is not cheap! Sure it is a bit worn but it saves so no need to complain about it. Baby will outgrow it soon enough and you will wondering what to with it when you don't need it.

For now I need to wrestle with parts and they are coorperating. Don't have any help as the missus is at the in-laws house. But when she comes back with the baby we going to need it. So have assemble it and get the baby cot ready for precious baby.

Make website to scout for business

Can't be denied. Make website for yourself is good in that it helps you to secure new inquiries. Then after that it is entirely up to you to follow through to secure the business. If your company is not keen to make a website, it is to their detriment. So what can you do? Of course company policy is to be followed but that's on their side. There is nothing saying that you can't make your own website for your own self promoting your personal services to sell company's product.

Make a website for your own personal career success. If the company you work for are run by timid managers who are afraid of this and that, better look for another dynamic company unless you find the work is relaxing or no other place to go. Or else think out of the box make your own website to promote your products and service indirectly selling your company products. I think it should work too.

Heavy Rain! Stucked in office

Must be the tropical monsoon. Well I'm stucked in office. Can't get to my car unless I want to be wet. With this kind of tropical thunderstorm even with an umbrella, you will still get wet!

No choice but to wait it out. Such heavy thunderstorm will blow itself out in an hour or so. Just have to sit tight and look for something to do while waiting it out.