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Beating the RAID Shadow Legend Faction Crypts

Finally I have managed to complete the RAID Shadow Legends Faction Crypt and got myself Lydia Deathsiren. It wasn’t easy to complete the last several factions. It took some understanding to build a faction team for each Shadow Legend faction. And of course a bit of luck to summon some good champions to take on each level.

RAID Shadow Legends Faction Crypt

Good champions did not necessarily have to be legendary champions. I have passed some factions with just epic champions only. And sometimes you will need to have rare to fill in the gaps when you just can’t get that elusive necessary epic or legendary champions. And worse, some legendary champions are so poor they can’t be used at all!

Three plus years of grinding a free account, with a bit of luck, I did manage to collect quite a handful of champions. With Plarium giving away some free good champions also helped too.

Some factions are stronger than others. So when I decided to tackle the Faction Crypt challenge I could conclude some of these crypts early on in the challenge. Barbarian, High Elves, Shadowkin, Dark Elves were the first for me to clear. Others were quite a challenge, but with enough champions, I cleared those too. Finally, the last several crypts that were giving me a lot of trouble were Orcs, Ogryn, Sylvan, and the most difficult of all, the Skinwalkers!

The powerful faction had very high damage, and could sail through the crypt levels if you build them right. But I couldn’t get good champions for all the factions. I even have to check through some videos of those YouTubers and forums and see what they have to say.

From what I did to clear the factions, here are some general ideas:

  1. You will need two to three damage dealers. I also used supporters to lend some weight in dealing damage as well too. Thus I build all my champions with 90%-100% critical rate as much as possible. And Critical Damage with a minimum of 120% to 150% and more if possible.
  2. Speed as usual is important, though not as important as in the arena. A target minimum speed of 200 and more would be good. You could still get through with an average speed between 180 to 200, which is fair for one or two champions. More speed, of course, is always welcomed, but not easy to achieve constantly!
  3. You absolutely need a reviver! Unless your team is a super nuker, a reviver is a definite must have to get that three stars for each level! Use revivers from rare champions if you can’t get hold of them from epic or legendary champion series.
  4. A tanker to help spread and absorb damage from squishy champions. Build them with high hit points and high defense.
  5. Healers, yes, you will need healers! If a champion can do dual to multiple jobs between hitting, healing, casting debuffs, yes, look for those champions.
  6. Some speed tuners champion would also help out. They should slow down the enemies while speeding up your own team.
  7. You will need some good accuracy to land your debuffs. A good target to aim for would be 200 points.
  8. How about resistance? You will need a minimum of at least 100 points, with up to 200 for good resistance. If you want super resistance then you have to aim way much higher. It is not possible to balance your stats if you aim for such lopsided stats.
  9. If you can’t get hold of a legendary or epic to do a specific task, then search out for a rare. In my case, I was using revivers from rare champions to help out in getting the entire team alive. Rares are rather squishy, so I build them with strong defense. Which meant they won’t be able to hit so hard.
  10. Because of the sheer number of champions that I have to build, I have to be selective in using skill tomes to book up their skills, or gems to complete their mastery series, or glyphing to upgrade the artifacts. Resources are rather limited, and I have to ration them accordingly! So not all my champions are fully booked or with masteries.
  11. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to review and revise the artifacts equipped if the champion is not performing to your satisfaction. It is costly to change artifacts and accessories, but you could keep it for other future champions that you may build.
  12. Finally, even those champions with many yellow colored poor reviews could still be of use for you to clear the crypts! If they have necessary skills and still can do some mean punches, they might just work!

Here's a quick snapshot of the champions used to beat my last four troublesome faction crypts. It may or may not work for you, but might guide you through.

Skinwalker Faction RAID Shadow Legends

Sun Wukong (legendary)
Ripper (epic)
Ursine Icecrusher (epic)
Steelskull (epic)
Tolog (rare)

Ogryn Factions RAID Shadow Legends

Siegehulk (epic)
Drokgul (legendary)
Skraank (epic)
Ghrush (epic)
Geargrinder (rare)

Orc Faction RAID Shadow Legend

Zargala (epic)
Artak (legendary)
Shaman (epic)
Tuhak (epic)
Vrask (epic)

Sylvan Faction RAID Shadow Legend

Daithi (epic)
White Drywad Nia (epic)
Ruella (epic)
Wyrennon (epic)
Ruarc (legendary)

Lydia The Deathsiren RAID Shadow Legend Faction Crypt Reward

Finally, collect the faction crypte completion prize: Lydia the Deathsiren!

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