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SLAX GRUB2 menuentry

SLAX is a super small lightweight Linux distro. It used to be based on Slackware, hence the name SLAX. However, nowadays, it is based on Debian. It has a very nice GUI and some basic software. Since it is based on Debian, you can easily install more software to make it useful.

Well, that sounded nice, unfortunately, try as I might I couldn’t get persistence installation. Despite adding the “perch” command in the GRUB2 menuentry. Anyway, what I have here can be used as a starting point for a super lightweight boot up for exploring this Linux distro.

Maybe one day I will go find out how to make the persistent installation work. Otherwise it would become less useful if the distro kept reverting back to its original state everytime I rebooted.

As usual, add the below code into the 40_custom file located in /etc/grub.d/


The menuentry as below:

menuentry 'Slax 64bit 9.11.0 (hd0,X /dev/sdaX)' {
	set root='hd0,X'
	linux /slax/boot/vmlinuz gfxpayload=text rw 
	slax.flags=perch,xmode from=/slax
	initrd /slax/boot/initrfs.img

Replace hd0 with the correct hard disk number, and "X" in sdaX with the correct partition number.
Then in terminal mode, type

	sudo update-grub

And you are good to go!

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