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Wordpress is still the top blogging platform

Of all the blogging platform that I have tried, Somehow Wordpress is still the best. Having just moved my website with Wordpress to another web hosting, I decided to find out just what was its market share. It didn't take me long to find out.

The information was fairly new, published around mid of 2013. Information was compiled from Technorati top 100 blogs annual study. Looking at the pie chart, Wordpress has a whopping 52% usage as compared with other blogging platform be it self-hosted or from the Wordpress.com website.

Pie chart of blogging platform in 2013, including Wordpress, Drupal, Gawker, Blogsmith, Movable Type, TypePad, Blogger, Ceros, Joomla and Tumblr

Truly, I find Wordpress platform to be very robust and stable. And being very popular, many developers be it part-time to full-time programmers will come up with useful plugins and beautifully created Wordpress themes.

Additionally whenever I migrate and moved my Wordpress installation from one webhosting company to another server it can be easily done unlike the other CMS platform that I have tried such as Drupal and Joomla, which tended to break and losing all the data together with it.

However there are some caveats. Wordpress being the most popular blogging platform means it is the target of black hat hackers who find ways to break into your installation with SQL injection and other heinous methods. So you need to keep your Wordpress version up to date and hardening the installation is a must. If such maintenance proved too tedious, you could always fall back to the online version.

For online blogging platforms, I like the Google Blogger. It is very simple to use and I could put many JavaScripts to increase its functionality. Plus I could integrate Google Adsense easily into it and of course hack the theme. Coming in at 9th position comes as surprise. Perhaps there are still some deficiency in the Blogger platform which requires improvement I suppose.

And as for Tumblr, which I am experimenting and using together with this website, it came in at the 12th position, last in the Technorati list. Tumblr is a rather interesting platform, and of course, it allows JavaScript which means added functionality plus ability to place Google Adsense banners for monetizing.

Of course there are many other blogging platform for both online as well as self hosted. Having experimented with some of them, I still go back to Wordpress as my main CMS blogging platform. While Google blogger is my secondary blogging platform which I use for quick posts due to its ability to post via email (yep, I still failed to get Wordpress post by email to work till now!)

And of course, I'm using Tumblr just for the fun of it!

But in the end for serious Content Management Software and blogging, I still kept coming back to Wordpress. And with such a big share affirming its popularity, you can't go wrong with Wordpress!

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