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Too much on my mind or getting forgetful

The last many days has been very busy for me. Too much on my mind, could be a contributing factor to my forgetfulness! I may not have the best memory but it has been said you could train your brain for better memory retention. Probably true to a certain extent. Having to remember as much details on a road trip for my blogging sure helped out. Still there are situation that I found I could not remember simple things. Probably just too many pending things to do in my mind.

With a new boss changeover in the company, I suppose there will be added burden to get him settled in while at the same time trying to secure new prospects for the company. Not to mention the recent and not recent changes in the Google SEO scene meant I need to do a lot of things to clean up my sites both on site and off site ranking factors. It can get complicated so sort of procrastinating on it much to the detriment of my website traffic.

At the same time, I giving lots of parental attention to a bright and active child. It's such a pleasure to see him laugh though the high pitch shreaking part and lack of discipline still need work. There should be a balance between a happy childhood and obedience. This was not going to be easy. Ah, the joy of parenthood I suppose!

So back to the forgetfulness part, well it was a bit of an inconvenience I suppose to forget the actual depature time from Shanghai. Should have studied the eticket carefully the night before because I kept thinking the departure time was 12pm when in actual fact it was 3.30pm so I end up way early at the Pudong airport! What cause my error was that I should be leaving the Galaxy hotel around 12pm and not arrive at the airport 12pm.

I have memorize the wrong idea in my head. Although the time for action was correct but the actual to do action was wrong! Why on earth did that happened? Could have been the stress of preparing for the trip and of course the stress of the long sales meeting as well. Leading to a mix up in the compartmentalizing of memory information.

Whatever the cognitive reasoning, I now have lots of free time at the airport. They don't have free WIFI, so to get free internet access I have to buy a cup of coffee at the many food areas around and get the password for access.

Then there is the contentious issue of poor  battery performance of my mobile device. I didn't see any power socket, so I wouldn't be able to hole up at the coffee bar for too long either.

Anyway, I did get to rest and relax with the samba and jazz music in the background while killing time here with some internet access.

Time to make move to the check in counter and hope to find a power socket somewhere to charge up my fast depleting battery. I'm still ccontemplating to get one of those extra battery packs, so maybe I should go get one just for those situations like today!

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