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Sometimes work feels just like in Dilbert comics

Dilbert Comics meeting with incompetent manager

Sometimes work life can feel like the Dilbert Comics. Like when the top management wants you to grow the business in a certain x percentage. Ask you to take initiative to build new products but when you did find something they disallowed it citing that it is not company policy (whose? Boss or company?) or profit too small (have many small ones and it will grow!) or job too risky (no risk, no profit, my dear!).

Sometimes they will say one thing and when you do it, they will say another turning around what they said previously. Wasting your time running around attempting to build up some sales.

Sometimes they give you products that are in essence not salable usually it is a product concept driven rather than market concept driven. Shows that they do not understand the difference between the marketing concept vs sales concept vs product concept vs production concept. They expect you to be a super sales man and able to sell, sell, sell by just running around. Yeah, I suppose that is the job of the salesman.

It just doesn't work that way.

I think the most laughable one was when they asked that you should create new businesses for the company by achieving a sales profit equal or more than your salary within several years time frame. Duh? If I can achieve a profit equal or more than my salary I can start my own business and forget about all this bureaucratic nonsense!

Stuck in a dead end job, but I guess I'm in a comfort zone of discontent and hopping on may not find anything better. Besides there is sufficient lax time from demotivation to do other more inspirational things that hopefully would bring about some measure of success and fulfillment.

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