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Eulogy for Victor Seow Kok Leong

Victor and I shared some good times together, since the time I met his sister, Lena. Victor and I had many similar interests. He like planes and aircrafts and together with Lena went on a holiday trip to Langkawi and enjoyed the LIMA airshow. I didn't know it was a reward by my wife for his visiting the doctor. Later he took up aeronautical maintenance course. The college was located in a very ulu kampong area but somehow that college run by MIC wasn't very good and Victor had to quit the course.

A close family friend, Mr Chan introduced a job as a land surveyor but later Victor took up the challenge of network administrator. Victor have learned a lot from there and decided to venture out on his own to start up a security system company with the support of doctor friend.

During our time together we played many computer games in cybercaf├ęs where initially I bested him but later he became an even better expert and trounced me like nobody business.

He liked photography and was very willing to invest in the photography equipment to pursue this hobby. Though I like photography too but was more conservative about the expenditure. Still Victor roped me in to do some odd jobs on wedding photography which though tiring was quite an experience! I think I will not be doing this anymore as Victor was the man behind the idea to use the wedding photography jobs to cover the expenses of purchasing photography equipments. We had a lot good interesting jobs running from the first job done in KL, to outstation places like Seremban and Alor Setar.

During which time, his security system business has grown from strength to strength as he was daring to implement many of the marketing plans to scout for leads. He was the man in charge of everything from sales and marketing, financial controller, searching for good supplier of security devices, contracting and installation. Though he worked hard, he also played hard too.

He worked very hard and did it all for the sake of his family till he neglected his health because he wanted to provide a good home and education for his daughter.

Victor is survived by Esther and daughter, Zouee. Esther loves him very much and will surely miss him.

As do his close family members, mother, brothers, sisters and I.

We shall surely meet up one day when the time comes, when we have finished our race on earth.

Till then, fare thee well on your journey to land fairer than day.

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