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Rozel TV Table defective

Recently my wife purchased Rozel furniture to replace the older ones. This ought to be a good brand, unfortunaly the Rozel TV console table seems to be chemically untreated. It was infested with termites. Not long after purchse holes could be seen appearing and we could see wood dust dropping out of the holes.

By right the Rozel furniture should be replaced but we get such poor service from Rozel. The representative just kept procrastinating to come over and view the defect. My feeling is that if they kept delaying hoping we may get frustrated and forget about this. Fat chance! More holes are appearing and there is a risk the termite will spread to other furniture and infect the house too!

Sigh! After lodging the complaint the HQ of Rozel says they will process the complaint in two weeks. Up till now still no word. Will see.

Ok, finally they replaced it with a new one after they took back the defective Rozel TV table and did some checking.

Normally the wood is soak in anti termite chemicals, but I guess their supplier may have forgot to soak that particular piece. Whatever, as consumer, since we bought from Rozel we deal with Rozel. And Rozel will have to deal with their supplier. That's how it works.

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