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Wordtracker is no longer free

Well I guess it has to lose its free wordtracker services. It was good while it was free although only giving the demand side of things. I guess eventually it found that being the only free keyword checking tool around, Wordtracker.com decided that it can make more money by closing its free services. Which is real sad. I still have my good old Site Build It brainstorming tool which is actually using the Wordtracker system. The figure that comes out is different but I'm used to it for analysis. If I have SBI why do I still use Wordtracker Free Keyword tool?

Well, there is a limit to the number of searches allowed in SBI, probably Wordtracker limits it. Sometimes I just want to find a few simple keywords and use Wordtracker in combination with SBI brainstorming tool without using up the points allocated by SBI. Sometimes you just need a mini brainstorm, not a full fledged research.

Well now no choice. Seems like freebies are slowly fading away one by one. I guess dot com companies need to survive and make more money and when they find there is good enough demand, they may just close the free service. On the other hand, like Yahoo, where they want to change direction they too closed some of their free services.

That's the problem when relying on free things. They don't last. Unless the companies that offer the freebies find a way to monetized their services, they will close down.

Anyway them the breaks.

So if you are into building a website seriously and don't want any surprises from those free offering, then a paid services is the way to go. Offering free information to the masses is one thing, but you want to recoup your time investment for some returns.

So far SBI has given me the best returns. So build website for free or paid? You decide. When the dot com decides to close down and take along your hard work with it, don't say I didn't warn ya!

For more information about building a great website that is lasting and profitable check out SBI building a website that works! It has a build in Wordtracker tool called Brainstormer. Instead of paying for just a keyword research tool from Wordtracker, why not get the whole works from SBI (keyword research + webhosting + many more tools) for less?


Mal said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that the free Wordtracker tools are alive and kicking, and can be found at:


GTrends at:


and the keyword questions tool, which is also free is at:


I'm not sure how you came to believe that the free tools had been removed, but they're there for anyone to use.

You can also use the new Wordtracker Keyword Tool free for 7 days, and you can access this trial at:


You can find out more about the new tool by reading Mike Mindel's article at:


I do hope this is helpful, but please let us know if you have any questions - you can reach me directly at mal[at]wordtracker[dot]com.

All the best,

Mal Darwen
Wordtracker Customer Support

Jan Æ said...

Must have misunderstood
Well the email that pop in didn't mention about the freekeywords tool. So I figure that it would be going bye-bye as there were many freebies online that has moved away from the free offering.
Guess it was my misunderstanding.

Motherboard Diagrams said...

Yes it is free to search some keywords per day... After that you have to wait for another day.. This slows down keyword research unless you open 10 free email accounts and log in using them one by one.

Anyway it is truly disappointing that wordtracker decided to close its free service as there are many people that struggle to build a website while they cannot afford a paid wordtracker service.

Established sites that already have income will not have a problem paying for it. But newcomers are doomed.

The new Wordtracker approach clearly favors the big companies and the already established websites. All the rest, sorry we don't care...