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Comment spoilers

Lately I get a few bad mouth comments in my blogs and various other sites. I don't know whether it is the stress of the current economic downturn or it is just a coincidence of bat attitude people passing by my web site and deciding to leave bad unconstructive criticism.

Perhaps I myself am also having a bad mood or something because usually I just shrug my shoulders and leave those distasteful comments alone, but this time I was compelled to flame back. It was an unwise decision. Because that would rile them up and they will shoot back to you again.

That should teach me something. That's how wars are started. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. And before long, it is all out war. Sometimes it is better to have a thick skin and just shrug your shoulders and leave it as that. Take the good and the bad. Jesus did say if someone slap you on the cheek, give the other to him too. Tough call. Not easy to stomach. Sometimes it is the best.

To not fight back doesn't mean you are weak. Sometimes you have to see the situation to know when to leave it alone, when to strike back. Just the other day I was watching a movie call "Defiance" about Jews deciding to fight back during WWII. Most movies usually show them being hunted down and killed with no resistance (like Schindler's List, Diary of Anne Frank, etc). This time round, in this movie the Jews decided to hide out in the forest and strike back when necessary. Better to live free then to slowly die in the ghetto.

And so, I shall hold my peace to these comment spoilers and just shrug them off. Of course I could just delete them if I want to and I think that should be the way to go.

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