Shifting my personal blog to a new site

I've decided to shift my personal blog to my very own personal website! I've decided to call it Blogs about life; after all success is a journey, not a destination. I've also set up a simple mobile blog @ vox for blogging from my Palm Centro smartphone.

After all, once you have reached a pinnacle point, it is still not the end of your journey. I also do like lots of techie stuff, so my new site is also full of review about those thingy. So much for SEO, my site is definitely not keyed in to any keywords. Just leave it as a hobby for now. Make your own website for fun and profit, eh? Well, it will be for fun for now.

Closing this blogger site chapter and shifting it over to the new site.


Welcome to My Blog

This is my first personal blog. Hopefully more will be published as days go by. Right now I am at a loss as to what to type in. But writer's block does not apply to blogging, right?

I was setting up my Cameron Highlands website, but it takes time to come up with content. Well hopefully I can complete my project and something will come out from my endeavor.

I think the present modern day is rather exciting with all the new gadgets and technical wizadry. I have seen the pace of advancement is rather amazing! I myself owned a few of these gadgets, PDA, handphones, digital cameras, and it does certainly makes life rather interesting! Incredibly I still have my old HP 320LX handheld PC and it still functions. But its speed is so slow, using this ancient device is more like nostalgia.

Until I have something more interesting to write, au revoir!