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Raspberry Pi 🍓 Project log 2021

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⇝ 5/Dec ➤ Managed to download latest Raspi OS 64bit version [2021-10]. Runs ok in RPi4.

⇝ 8/Nov ➤ Got rid of Fyde OS, can't be used because trial period over. Installed Ubuntu MATE 20.04 (Focal Fossa) 64 bit. This version is year 2020, but has LTS. Ooops! Forgot that Google don't have ARM based Chrome browser support.

⇝ 30/July ➤ RPi-400, noticed the built-in BlueTooth won't turn on with Raspbian (NOOBS & PINN). No problem with RPi-4. Probably an OS bug (forum checked). Waiting for a fix from Rasbian. (2) BerryBoot Raspbian version's bluetooth is working. (3) Zoom with RPi-400. Using a webcam. Zoom video lags and video from my webcam not working.

⇝ 12/July ➤ (a) 3.5" LCD tried to do dual HDMI-GPIO FBTFT display. Couldn't get it to work. The IC chip for this is ILI9486, but could not get XORG to work dual-screen. (b) Tested 3.5" LCD on RPi0-WH, it's working. The USB HAT pin headers is slightly fat, difficult to insert & cannnot fully go in. (c) Copied BerryBoot PiZero from Samsung Evo to Samsung Pro Endurance microSDcard using Balena Etcher.

⇝ 25/June ➤ 3.5" LCD display (RM61) kinda expensive. Worked via GPIO pins. But if LCD display, HDMI is disable & vice-versa. Found online several people made it display on both. Need to study their code & method more before trying.

⇝ 16/June ➤ DOSbian can install Win3.11! Problem display not full screen. After making change to SVN.config, can display more, but poorer resolution. Maybe better to run DOSbox in Raspbian.

⇝ 15/June ➤ DOSbian+Ubuntu 20.10 in BerryBoot Pi4

⇝ 14/June ➤ Installed BerryBoot for Pi0 in Samsung 32GB EVO. Various OS installed.

⇝ 12/June ➤ Backup Samsung 2GB (Palm OS/Sony Xperia/HTC Cha Cha) using Win32DiskImager. Burn copy of RISC OS 5.28 working for both Pi0+4/400. LAN cable connection recommended.

⇝ 11/June ➤ FydeOS/ChromeOS image into SanDisk32GB A1 card using Balena Etcher. Need two SD card to make a good installation. 1st to burn image, 2nd to install proper OS partition image into SD card. ⟿ Found out must pay subscription after 120 days trial, else can't use. ⟿ faq. fydeos. com/en/

⇝ 6/Jun ➤ Bought new Kioxia 64GB, clone BerryBoot image from 32GB to 64GB. Working.

⇝ 15/Mar/2021 ➤ Linux Chromium no longer syncs with Google servers. Google has disabled API to stop working with Chromium. Only original Google Chrome will sync. Unfortunately ARM based Chrome 64 bit is not available.

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